Why italians freak out when you mess up with our food?

Why italians freak out when you mess up with our food?

Italy is a beautiful country, lots of tourists choose it for nice climate, amazing history, art beyond compares, historical cities, fantastic food and italians are seen as nice, funny, easy going people. You can chat and have fun with italians about everything but soccer and food.

Soccer is our national sport and nothing come close to what it means to us, is like religion, you can change everything in your life but your heart’s team, you basically keep what you’ve been given from your family.

Food is even deeper in the italian mind because not 100% of population follow soccer teams but everybody has to eat.
So if you talk to an italian about food make sure you don’t say nothing offensive… especially if it’s local food from our hometowns.

Let’s get into businness.
One of the greatest enemy of italians is pineapple on pizza: hawaii pizza is something that you can find all over the world but in Italy. Every time we see it we feel disgusted and deeply offended because it’s wrong.
Even if it could be good (I don’t know and I will never know) it’s not correct, people just judge food if good or not but the very first thing to judge is whether it’s right or wrong.
Pineapple on pizza is just a wrong ingredient because it’s not italian, does not belong to us, to our history, to our land.
And it’s not a matter of taste, maybe if it’s so successfull is good, but the point is that if it’s not right to think then it’s not good to eat.

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What about eating dogs? In some parts of the world, people eats dogs because in their mindset there is no problem about it… in rest of the world it is impossible to do because is something we can’t even think… we don’t eat dogs because is an impossible to accept idea, not because we don’t like how it tastes.
The very first thing in order to judge food is not taste or presentation, is the idea of that food: if is acceptable to think we can accept to eat.

In certain regions of Italy is very common to eat horse meat, especially in Sicilia, Veneto and Puglia; it’s very red, very lean, full of iron… there are butcher shops specialized on horse meat.
This would be impossible in other places of the world, such as USA, especially in Texas because for texans, horse, is like a pet and you don’t want to eat your friend… the iconics texans cowboys ride a horse back.

We italians go crazy when we meet messed-up italian food abroad but we are not the only one, nobody accepts traditional food to be modified… Maybe we are just more jealous than other people because we have a huge number of amazing traditional food.
For my American friends, burger is made out of beef… No pork burger, no lamb burger because burger means beef, period.

That’s because food means something to us, to everybody, and if that meaning is attacked we feel attacked in our personal life, childhood, identity.
The meaning of a certain food is even more important than taste or presentation, if it has the right meaning, it’s good and ok to eat; this is also what appen when you decide to change your diet, if you choose for a low carb diet any low carb food is great.
People that chooses vegetarian or vegan lifestyle change their mind first, so if you find a food wich is vegan ok it is automatically good tasting because it’s suitable with your ideas even if it’s disgusting.

For us pizza is very important, we are very proud of it; it’s a street food, it’s confort food, it’s one of the most iconic products of our country, it’s part of our history…
Food is never just something to eat, it’s something that has a meaning and the deeper this meaning is the more it should be respected.

So please don’t be rude with our history and our tradition: no pineapple on pizza.

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