I wasn’t even able to make coffee

I wasn’t even able to make coffee

In my last article, I wrote about focus on my business, how is possible to have great results even if you are not very talented…

Now I want to indroduce my personal story, when I did start to cook, and why…

I have been always interested in food, but first of all in eating things, not cooking; I have been lucky to born and live in Rome which has amazing food, like many places in Italy.

Now I work in the kitchen but I don’t come from a family of professional cooks; nobody has ever ran a restaurant or something related with cooking… and everybody knows how important are “dynasties” in certain jobs.

I wasn’t grown up in a professional kitchen but I just helped grannies when I was child.

I’m often asked “have you ever had passion for cooking?” and I answer “no, now I’m much more passionate then before because my real passion is to be independent as much as possible

I started cooking when I was 14-15 years old, because I was home alone and I needed to eat something when the school was over in summertime, so I started preparing my first pasta recipes, very easy, sometimes gross but I wanted to be independent.

I basically started cooking as self-taught, just for my needs, It got even worse when I went out of my family home at the age of 22 years old.

Everything was great, as first experience outside house I was really enjoying it, I was sharing house with 3 mates: 2 guys and 1 girl which were my work colleagues as well.
I was the youngest and less experienced so they had to be very patients with me… especially in the kitchen… I was a little disaster… once I screwed up a coffee too.
I can’t remember what happened but I clearly can remember one of my friends saying “OMG He’s not even able to make coffee”, which is very bad in Italy: to make coffee is a basic skill for any italian older then 14 y.o.

By the way, another passion of mine is the improve my skills, to get better and better, so I started attending cooking classes in order to eat decent food.

I had my very first cooking lesson, as student, when I was 22 and, basically never stopped… I attended a lot of lessons for amateurs because I think that you always have to go on, to keep studying in every field of life; especially in cuisine because, in the kitchen, things come and go very quickly, like fashon.

Untill the day I attended the professional class for cooking… but that is another story.

If I think about my background it’s crazy because life is really unpredictable…
Now I can laugh about it but at the time it was a little tough for me… but it’s the price you pay when you want to grow up.

One of the best feelings in life is to think about your difficulties after you overcome them.
I wasn’t very skilled in the kitchen and now I’m the chef in my own cooking school.

Not bad for a guy that wasn’t even able to make coffee 😀