Top 5 mistakes cooking pasta

Top 5 mistakes cooking pasta

Pasta is one of the most popular food in the world… for some people is daily food, for some others is a threat…

But for italians, pasta is life.

It is quite easy to cook bul let’s see how to make it properly (I’m talking about a basic tomato sauce spaghetti), without theese common mistakes.

1. Water

Pasta is supposed to be boiled in water… no milk, no broth… water is fine, unless it’s tortellini or some other soup… and don’t forget to cook lasagne before bake them.

Wait untill water is hard boiling THEN put salt and then pasta.

Let’s talk a little about salt, we use course salt; how much? A little handfull.

MYTH: water is supposed to be salty like sea water.

REALITY: No, that’s way too much… and when you salt water don’t forget to consider saltiness of the sauce…

Try to balance.

2. Cooking time

Don’t trust what they say on the pack, consider 2 minutes less… so if spaghetti pack says “11 minutes cooking” I start tasting after 9 min.

Yes, you got it right, TASTE… is the only way to make sure your spaghetti are ready…

MYTH: Throw spaghetti on the wall if it sticks, it’s ready.

REALITY: I don’t want to loose time, saying how stupid this sentence is.

3.Cooking point

Italians always complain that, abroad, pasta is overcooked.

In Italy it is supposed to be “al dente” so not well cooked, with a little bite… just a little raw.

It is, actually, a quite new habit for italians… it is something that belong to my parents generation… my grandparents are grown up with softer pasta than ours.

Taste is better and it’s easier to digest… Taste and make sure your pasta is al dente.

4. Timing

Ok so after tasting and checking our spaghetti are ready, what we are going to do?

The only thing possible: toss them in the sauce pan and let it cook with sauce just 1 more minute…

Don’t wait, DON’T RINSE under water, don’t let it cool down…

if it’s cooked, pair with sauce and eat right away!

5. Presentation

It couldn’t be any simpler, NO WHITE PASTA WITH A SCOOP OF TOMATO SAUCE ON TOP…. JUST NOOOOOOO… it is really old style…

As i said, when pasta it’s cooked, we toss in the sauce and then we serve it already paired with it

But there is something even worse… this is one of the worst mistake when approaching italian food: use pasta as a side.

This is really nasty, to see pasta and salad, pasta and steak in the same dish is just a huge NO.

Pasta has its own dignity.

Eat pasta first and then steak and salad… not together…


Thanks, Matteo

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