Top 5 common mistakes making pizza and how to avoid them

Top 5 common mistakes making pizza and how to avoid them

Hi there, in this post we’re going to check a list of 5 common mistakes that people make when preparing pizza… Let’s see…

1 – Let’s start with the main ingredient of pizza dough: flour

As I already said, in a previous post, it’s very very important to use the right kind of flour for the dough.

Flours can be divided into “weak” or “strong; it doesn’t mean “good” or “bad”, they are just meant to be for different uses… Weak flour is for fresh pasta, cakes or cookies also “all purpose flour” is a weak one; the strong one is what we use for pizza, bread, panettone ecc…

The index for flour strength is called “W” and the higher, the stronger.

For example, fresh pasta flour is W180 but pizza flour is from W 280 up to 350, depending on how long you want it to rise.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find commercial brands that say their flour W, it is something more for professionals, but wheter it’s possible check W or get bread flour which is good as well.

2 – Water

We are not about to take a shower, not even going to fill an hot bathtub so don’t be afraid of using cold water.

I personally saw great professionals using ice cold water… the myth of warm water comes from the need to activize yeast much quicker…

If we want to have a long time leavening (and yes, we want it) we don’t want our yeast to start its job too quickly.

Use cold water.

3 – Leavening

Big guys like me try all life long to get smaller… not when it comes down to pizza dough… we want it to be 3 times bigger

Time is our friend, it makes the dough big, soft, full of air bubbles and easy to digest.

We are not in a “Tasty” video that use a lot of yeast and the dough is ready after 30 minutes… BIG THUMBS DOWN…

We do need looong time with a little yeast: napolitan pizza is 10 hours rising… in Rome we prefer even longer: from 24 H up to 3 days.

A long fermentation breaks the starch of the flour into smaller cells much easier to digest for our stomach… (starch is a complex sugar, it takes long time to be digested).

Use a small amount of yeast… max 1 % of flour weight.

4 – The rolling pin

Are you making shortbread? Sugar paste for cake design? Batting practice like David Ortiz?

Ok, you are allowed to use rolling pin.

If you want to make pizza… mmm NO

Our hands are the best tool to flatten the dough, the rolling pin is too heavy and it would smash all the amazing little air bubbles we long waited for…

Roman pizza is very flat, napolitan pizza has a thick edge and using your hands you can choose which one you want.

5 – The sauce

In my cooking class I always start with my pizza tasting and the most frequent commenti is about the sauce.

Pizza sauce it’s not like the pasta one, IT’S NOT COOKED.

It’s just crushed pealed tomatoes + salt + olive oil.

And then it cooks in the oven.

Some people outside Italy thinks that “pizza” is the combo of tomatoes and mozzarella… but we have a lot of amazing pizza with o without tomato and with or without cheese…

And max 3-4 ingredients on top… not too much

The word “pizza” indicates the dough or the shape…


If you want to make your homemade pizza, focus on the dough, not on toppings.