How to be Excellent according to 98% of your clients, even if you are not a great chef

How to be Excellent according to 98% of your clients, even if you are not a great chef

I always liked to cook but I don’t claim to be a great chef, I’ve never cooked for a restaurant, maybe I will never do but I run a cooking school… and I got 98% of “excellent” reviews on my Tripadvisor page (2% is “Very Good”), and 100% 5 stars feedback on Yelp.

So how is possible for an average good cooking italian guy to be considered excellent in his job?

One the most powerful weapon for any job, any business is your focus.

I always say that I’m not the best chef in Rome but I’m the most focused chef on cooking classes for tourists, for sure.

I have no other job: no restaurant, no catering, no bnb, nothing else but cooking classes for tourists.

This is the secret behind my customers’ satisfaction, my focus.

It’s a very powerful weapon for every kind of business because when you focus on something you become a specialist of your things and you look more appealing to your potential customers.

For example, if your knee hurts, would you go to a generalist doctor or to a doctor specialized for knees? Would you pay more for a generalist or for a specialist?

Focus is important because if you do everyday the same things is extremely easy to become better and better… if you check knees every single day, it’s not hard to make a diagnosis because you are extremely experienced on that.

In a world, in which, it’s extremely easy to get informations on the internet, the specialists are very important.

On my business, my focus is very clear: cooking classes for tourists.

It gives me several advantages, I can understand very easily what my people want because I deal everyday with the same kind of persons.
I’m available every period of the year, I’m not one of those that give classes just on spring and summer because is the high season for tourism… summer, autumn, winter don’t matter to me because this is my job.

My focus allow me to have an important option that nobody has… I can ensure class even just for 2 persons!

My competitors need an high minimum of partecipants, like 6-7, but I can confirm my service even just with 2 persons if I have no other reservations because I do nothing else in my life but cooking classes… I’ve stolen a lot of customers to my competitors because of cancellation in their classes 😀
My focus gives me the chance to develop my service always better and better… now we also have the best booking system among my competitors…

On our website is extremely easy to check schedules and availability on website and ours is the only class that you can book and pay online in 1 minute instead of waiting for email response and waste time.

Our focus is extremely clear relating to our facility as well… we are the only cooking school for tourists in Rome, I mean phisically…

We don’t have lessons inside apartments or restaurants, we have a specific facility, in the center of Rome, in wich everything is set up just for one purpose: cooking classes for tourists.

In my opinion, Focus is one of the keys for success… it’s not possible to be useful for every single person, in every business it’s a big mistake to try to satisfy 100% of population…
It’s just impossible and makes no sense…

In every business, every job… it’s much better to pick a certain kind of persons and give the best you can to them.

Chef Matteo Ferroni

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