5 Iconics Roman food which you get to taste

5 Iconics Roman food which you get to taste

Today we are going to see 5 foods that are staples for romans:


The most famous roman recipe around the world… unfortunately is the most messed up pasta outside italy

No cream, no peas, no ham, no bacon, no parsley in the real carbonara sauce; eggs, pecorino romano cheese, pork cheek and black pepper, nothing else.

The rival of Carbonara is Amatriciana, with tomato sauce instead of eggs, and it is the roman civil war…

In the same family we have other amazing pasta recipes: Gricia, Cacio e pepe wich are a must in Rome.


Italians love artichokes, north to south, it’s very versatile ingredient but, in Rome, it become magic… it’s the most important vegetable in the roman cuisine.

Two ways to enjoy this flower, yes, what we eat is the flower of the plant, “roman style” or “Jewish style”

Roman is stewed with potatoes, garlic, parsley, so it gets tender and juicy perfect as side of almost everything.

Jewish style means deep fried twice: once in low heat in order to cook perfectly inside… and the second time is fried in hot oil in order to get it crispy as chips… can’t miss “Carciofo alla giudia” when in Rome, especially in the old roman ghetto.


The king of roman street food… Supplì
It’s a fried rice croquette wich we have as appetizer before pizza, it’s big as a fist, inside there is a tomato rice with a piece of mozzarella inside… which melts perfectly when you bite it, really lovely.

The word comes from french “surprise” which is the mozzarella.

Similar to supplì is Arancino, the sicilian cousin, but it has different fillings and the rice is cooked in different way…

it is amazing too but when in Rome you should try the roman way… go for Supplì!

Pizza con mortadella

Supplì is the king but Mortadella Pizza is the queen of the roman street food.

White pizza, this is how we call a simple pizza with no tomato, just the crust with plenty of olive oil and salt… but don’t say focaccia, please… in Rome it’s just “Pizza bianca”

We can stuff it with anything: prosciutto, salame, cicory but the realt thing is with mortadella… the most beloved cold cut by roman people.

It is soft and a little sweet… perfect contrast with a crunchy and salty pizza bread.

Unfortunately mortadella it’s not very popular outside Italy because it not expensive, such as prosciutto crudo, so it doesn’t seem good…

But it’s great, you can’t be in Rome without tasting it… it’s like to be in NYC without having an hot dog in the street.


The popular roman cuisine is based on poor ingredients, very poor such as the leftovers cuts of animals.

Rich people only ate the flesh because only the muscles were considered good, all the leftoves of the animal were given to poor people because they were considered dirty and disgusting.

The people created a lot of amazing recipes with those cuts… especially the inner organs: tripe, intestine, liver, lungs, heart… nothing went to waste…

These are, of course, not for everyone; strong flavours, weird textures but plenty of minerals and iron…

My favorite is “Coda alla vaccinara” which is the tail of the cow; it is long time stewed in tomato sauce with plenty of celery and a little bit of cocoa power… there is just a few flesh around big bone but it is extremely tender and juicy…

Can’t miss it even just a simple pasta dish paired with the tail sauce… really amazing.