How to become an MVP cook among your friends… even if you are not Tom Brady

How to become an MVP cook among your friends… even if you are not Tom Brady

Hi there, I’m Matteo Ferroni and I’m the person in charge for One Day Chef, the cooking school for tourists in Rome. My style may will be unconventional for a “chef” sometimes, but I want to be easy as possible to understand; that’s the reason why I gave a weird headline to this post, I love american sports so I will use metaphors like theese in my blog.

I speak to those who wants to cook italian food, taught by a roman chef, starting from basic level to improve cooking skills.

By this blog I want to give some free contents: info, tips, advice, recipes, interesting stories about food, cooking and Rome, wich is my birthplace.

Why did I choose Tom Brady as example?  I’m not a Patriots fan but I apreciate him because he was nobody and then he suddenly became a champion (ok I could use Kurt Warner as well, got it) because it’s possible to get an excellent result even if you’re not born as a chef.

I’m not saying that it’s easy but it will pay sooner or later if you follow this rules:

  • STUDY: When we see the quarterback, we see strong arms and quick legs but we can’t see how many plays he keeps in his mind and without those he can’t even start playing, it’s the same  thing when you cook because, if you want to improve, you got to know some basics notions that are important to help you in understanding what you are doing for.
  • PRACTICE: Sometimes I think that talent is god given gift, but it’s not. A champion is someone that trained himself to get better and better day by day; It’s not possible to be a good cook without cooking regularly, It’s very important to practice untill you get the result you want several times… just one good result could be the luck of beginner .
  • NO FEAR: “Ok coach I studied the playbook, I worked out hard everyday but I’m too afraid to play the game” no players ever said this… that’s the moment you where expecting for, the moment to show your skills, to be the star; your football game could be a dinner with your friends. Pressure on, everybody expect you to amaze them… and ready to judge you if you fail. No fear, get into the situation and show what you got!
  • DO YOUR JOB: You studied your playbook, worked out hard everyday, the game it’s just started and you just have to do your job. Apply what you studied, what you trained for and the results will come along; if you did the first two steps well, this will be the easiest one. Enjoy your big time!

Chef Matteo Ferroni

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